Онлайн смотреть Damien Walters Bed Backflip: Parkour Failure паркур 2013 Damien Walters

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Неудачи в паркуре HERE IS THE ORIGINAL:tried to replicate a stunt wherein a man does a backflip and lands on his bed all tucked in and ready to go to sleep. Needless to say, the results aren't too good.I'm thinking about starting a series where attempt to recreate popular stunt or talent videos that seem dangerous or require some skill. That way I'll probably fail miserably and it'll be funny to watch.I don't plan on doing some stupid RWJ shit where I literally just play the video, then explain it, then talk about explaining it, then tell thirteen bad jokes. Instead, I'll just describe it once and cut right to the chase. Maybe I'll tell one bad joke just to spice it up. We'll see.As always, the intro music is by Adam Skinner, who can be found over here:didn't add any background music because I've been sitting in on a friend of mine's copyright problems, and YT is being a bit absurd with the unnecessary proof stuff. That being said, I'm keeping my bases covered by sticking to the basics. Hope you guys still enjoy the video.We still have shirts for sale, some of them have lines from our more popular videos, or cool designs! Check 'em out:you have any stunt ideas or videos for me to re-do, email me here:[email protected] на parkuronline.ru.

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